Feeling seen is a human need that begins with the internal ability to see, recognize and celebrate ourselves.

You, beautiful human, deserve to be seen: in all your gifts, and all parts of you. The sad, the wise, the raging, the immature, the silly. All of you.

When we’re born, feeling seen is our first subconscious desire, our first way to regulate our nervous system, and is also our very first trauma.

When someone doesn’t really see us or our essence, it reminds our body of this trauma from childhood. It causes us to feel immense pain in relationships, and to constantly chase that external validation.

When we learn how to see ourselves, and how to work through the fear of being vulnerable and deeply seen – we return to feeling safe, regulated, and loved.

Our nervous system takes a big exhale. Our anxiety fades away. We feel confident and at ease, connected to our body and fulfilling our own greatest desires and dreams.

I created this course to give you the tools – which you can come back to again and again – to work through the fear of being seen and dissolve the desperate desire for it.

This course will allow you to craft a vision for your life on your own terms, stable and at ease as you go about your mission and impact in the world. 

My sneaky need for external validation 

When I got a 97 on a test as a child, I’d sit in the classroom trembling, knowing I’d have to tell my grandma and see her disappointed face. A face that signaled to my nervous system – you’re unlovable, unless you get 100.

My grandma’s face was of a woman who had gone through the Holocaust and lost her mother. The face of a Ukrainian Jew, constantly fighting for her rights, experiencing starvation and near death.

My grandma’s face was one I desperately wanted to see smiling, and would do anything to please.

I became an adult obsessed with success. I defined success as outside rewards – making a lot of money, having a lot of Instagram followers.

(that's me grandma in the photo. Can you tell how terrified I am to make a mistake at my recital?)

Until my body started to clearly signal to me that the anxiety I was living with, the obsession for external validation, felt awful, unhealthy, and absolutely exhausting.

The hypervigilant state of always checking what others thought of me and how they saw me became so draining.

After years of self-compassion work, while I had a deep love for myself, I was still chasing outside approval of who I was, and it was all tied to my childhood.

I started to craft a signature process by which I could notice when I was in a state of chasing outside approval, and break the cycle.

This process was not about releasing my desire for success.

Instead, I’d redefine what success means to me, and begin to embody a feeling of being successful each day through processing the traumatic experiences in childhood that taught me an old, outdated yucky definition.

(My new definition has to do with impact and setting boundaries! I realized that when I FEEL into success, this is what it feels like: speaking my truth, while also contributing to the lives of others. It feels 10X better than just the obsession with making money, though that is often the pleasant side effect).

This is the process, the pathway, the somatic, parts work, inner child work (and so much freaking more) tools I will lead you through in this incredible online course.

This course is dedicated to my grandma Zilla
Tismanets (she is still alive and so dear to me) and my grandpa Arkady Kupershmidt (he has passed and is my spirit guide), and to all of you, my dear cycle breakers!

This is for you if...

You’re ready to listen to your deepest needs and desires, so that you move through people pleasing and start expressing authentically, setting boundaries and operating from your power.

You’re desiring to release the desperate need for external validation, so that you can feel confident and at ease.

∞ You want to embody being deeply in tune with yourself so that you can create a calmer, safer and more regulated nervous system.

You’re excited to celebrate and see your gifts, so that you can impact the world and be who you’re meant to, feeling proud of yourself.

You’re craving to learn how to release the fear of being seen, so that you can create the most nourishing, delicious relationships where you feel deeply seen and loved.

What you'll walk away with...

A clear understanding of how to check whether your goals are actually in alignment

A toolbox of supportive somatic, breathwork, inner child, parts work, inherited family trauma (and more) tools to support you in deeply seeing yourself, each time you seek external validation

An understanding of the nervous system and its connection to trauma and triggers

Powerful and simple somatic practices to regulate your nervous system when you’re anxious, overwhelmed, or shut down

Tools to move through the fear of being seen and setting boundaries

Practical tools to notice, feel, process and express your emotions

Communication tools to feel more seen in partnership

A process to use when you feel super stuck and nothing else works

The embodiment practices of self-celebration, recognition and trauma informed celebration

The Unique Deeply Seen Process

Rather than just knowledge, this course brings you the deeply healing somatic and nervous system regulation tools to allow others to see you, and for you to see and celebrate yourself.

Full course modules available end of October but you can get started now - there's so much here!

  Welcome! Start Here!
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  Breathwork Envisioning Session
Available in days
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  Authenticity vs Connection
Available in days
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  The Nervous System, Trauma and Triggers
Available in days
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  Nervous System Regulation
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  Fear of Being Seen & The Fawn/People Pleasing Response
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  Deeply Seen: The Step by Step Process
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  Feeling it All
Available in days
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  Being Seen in Relationships
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  Breathing Into Expansion
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  Ancestral Healing Ceremony
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  Celebration: Feeling Deeply Seen, Heard and Recognized
Available in days
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What is included in the course:

▲ Video modules: about trauma, the nervous system, embodied goal setting and manifestation, and so much more. Complete at your own pace - you'll receive access to the entire course at once

▲ Guided practices to express and process emotions, set boundaries, regulate your nervous system – and so much more!

▲ Journaling prompts to reflect deeply on your fear of being seen, and so many aspects of your relationship with yourself and others 

About Marina Yanay Triner

Marina is a somatic coach supporting impact driven leaders to unleash their power, move past stuckness, and step into their unprecedented visionary success through body-based approaches addressing triggers, emotional healing and nervous system regulation.
Marina has over 15 years of experience in trauma work, multiple somatic and coaching certifications, and a lifetime of experience in her dedication to personal transformation and deep embodiment of her teachings.

As a trauma-informed coach, Marina works with clients to go deep into the roots of behavioral patterns that hold them back from experiencing life to its fullest, looking at childhood-rooted beliefs, emotions, behavioral patterns, and the unconscious to create massive transformation. Marina forms a powerful and deep partnership with her clients in which they use body-based somatic approaches to support a connection back to the body, strengthen their connection with their instincts and intuition, and flourish!

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